Hello! I'm Jay and I love Haylor too. And I have recently made a video to them and the post should be somewhere on my blog. Cuz I' ve reblogged it again barely. So.. yeah if you want to check it out. :) That be awesome. And that anon was lying cuz well I ship Haylor too. :)
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Alright! I’ll check it out!

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The last anon should seriously learn to spell though...
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They really should

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Thank you so much for spreading your opinion without being an asshole.. Oh wait.

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lol if i stopped being so lazy literally what i would do is print out all the hate you got and send it to the boys and tell them to teach their fans some class hm it's just downright embarrassing how you're attacked for a simple post like jfc i've seen so many posts that i disagree with or find a bit silly but guess what I IGNORE IT AND SCROLL DOWN FAST I JUST
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that’d be so great if you sent it to them the hate i got was insane, just because of supporting their relationship. Some of their fans are ridiculous.

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[goes out of a cave] [sniffs air] do i smell [wipes tears] haylor?

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haylor is fucking over, get over your self and your little imaginary fantasy. They don't exist anymore and you need to realize that and there are only like 5 real pics of them actually together so your blog is no irrelevant and should be deleted
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Sexism and Taylor Swift.


Too long didn’t read?

It’s basically me addressing the various arguments I’ve been seeing recently about why people hate Taylor Swift. My annoyance with this whole thing has nothing to do with being her fan (I’m not even that big of a fan of hers) and everything to do with the inherent sexism that is still eminent in our current society among both sexes.

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I've been reading your hate and I just want to say that these anons are a disgrace to human dignity. I'm truly appalled at the insensitivity and cruelty some people have to fellow human beings. They are not only hiding behind a computer, but they're also hiding behind anon... Cowards. I deal with hate a lot too so I turn off anon to force people to at least provide a name, I recommend you do the same.
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Thank you! And I’ve considered it, but stuff like this doesn’t bother me

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js you still haven't named 3 girls harry's been with. your arguments don't hold water without any proof. Sam Armstrong, Joe Jonas, Taylor lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal and john mayer. Don't procrastinate.
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who is sam armstrong

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